Devzila is a technology organization that believes in delivering technology solutions to its customers as a valuable partner. We design, recommend, implement and support software solutions for our customers, quickly and reliably. We have been working on cutting age applications that enable our customers to augment their business and products. We believe in the power of learning, therefore instead of sitting on our past laurels, we continually learn emerging technologies, train ourselves on efficient processes and leverage our knowledge in every new assignment that we take up.

We have demonstrated our skills in the areas of web programming, enterprise applications, databases, operating systems and mobile application platforms. We implement our projects using the Agile methodology that delivers the customers' requirements rapidly and accurately. We also offer end to end testing services in both manual testing and automation.

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Why choose us?

Excellence Always!! Thats what we do. We strive to offer the best solution for your business and impartial advice at an honest price. We are constantly investigating new technologies and recommend them when they make sense. We love what we do, some might say a bit too much, and we bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project we work on. Put simply, if you want a partner who cares about your business choose Devzila. Please have a look at our brochure.

Wow very interesting .. How do you work?

We really feel that any approach we take to execute a project should be simple yet effective. It should not be like "man the work process is like a whirl pool". We use KISS process to work with the scope to implement the solution and execute the project successfully. It's based on Agile/Scrum.


What are the current tools and technology are you working?

We are having very good expertise in the following technologies.

  • Phyton
  • Microsoft .net
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Java
  • Ruby on Rail
  • php
  • Django

What are the services you provide?

Our vertical includes e-Commerce, e-Learning and education, Media & Entertainment, Social media, and Technology. We provide services for the following:

  • Technology Consulting
  • Product Developement & Support
  • Mobile application
  • Software Testing (automation and manual)
  • Maintenance & Support

Tell me something about your team?

We have team who work hard but party harder. We believe in quality work not quantity work. We do sleep a lot. We have on board guys and gal with average 8 - 9 years of experience in their respective fields. They dont talk shit. Some of them left big organization to pursue and excel together.

Can you provide details for some of the works your team has done?

We have works to develop and test some of the world class products. You can download some of the case studies from here.

How do you differentiate Devzila?

At Devzila we understand that every delivery, every industry, every deployment and therefore every client's requirements are all unique. To help our customers remain at the leading edge of their respective markets, Devzila have established a successful, well-proven method for the agile development and deployment of custom applications with notable case studies in e-commerce, social meida, travel and tourism based on a partnership model.

Working closely with our valued clients for accurate and thorough requirements capture and analysis, we are jointly able to prioritise requirements and agree achievable milestones and feature sets for each release on an iterative deployment basis. By gaining a deep understanding of both the business and technical origins of each individual requirement, we are able to work with the customer to produce an iterative delivery plan that allows key applications and core services to be deployed in good time, followed by a series of feature-enhancing iterations that can be individually validated, verified and accepted.

Devzila appreciates the need for open and transparent communications between all parties and strive to keep the customer fully informed of all key project data including milestones, priorities, risks and issues. By discussing all project aspects openly; both Devzila and the client can raise suggestions for adapting the shape and direction of the project where relevant.

All development by Devzila is backed up by a thorough verification and validation process to ensure that the iterative software deployments are of high quality and that the final product enhances the client's market position by adding value and credibility.

Do you develop e-commerce application also?

e-Commerce is a vast and wide area which is a fast evolving and emerging market segment. Also for every e-Commerce player, quick feature rollouts, website user experience, data integration & analysis, response time to customers, inventory management, supply chain & delivery management are of supreme significance. Devzila has worked in many of these aspects of our e-Commerce clients and has implemented projects using a range of emerging technologies.

The e-Commerce components we have worked on include Shopping Cart creation, User experience, Payment Gateways, Integration with Supply Chain & Inventory Management systems, CRM integration, Customer Intelligence & Data Analytics, Market Basket Analysis and mobile e-Commerce applications.

We also have experience in eCommerce software platforms such as Magento & Shopify.

How about mobile application?

In a mobile world where smartphone technology has become a key tool in controlling both business and personal tasks and goals, Devzila continue to provide mobile application development services of the highest degree. Building on several years' experience, Devzila boasts significant skillsets in developing mobile applications for a broad range of mobile platforms encompassing iOS, Android, Windows and generic cross-platform technologies such as HTML5.

A strong client base have successfully used Devzila technology to deploy mobile services into a variety of industries including travel, event management, financial services and mobile gaming.

Devzila employ a skilled and dedicated workforce with expertise in the following: iPhone Software, Development Kit (SDK), Cocoa Touch / Objective C, Xcode IDE, Interface Builder, Core Animation, JSON Parsing, Threading, Secure Coding, Location Based Services using GPS Devices, HTTP communication using Android SDK, and Audio Support and Video Support for FlyCast.

Devzila have also developed applications using Mobile Application Development Platforms such as PhoneGap, appMobi, Sencha Touch

We heard that you have software testing team which involve A+ class developer creating/customizing automation tools?

Yes we do have a very good in class software testing team. (both in technology and infrastructure). And we do involve expert developer while setting up automation and creating related tools. We do take up software testing for mobile, web and desktop application. We also practice continuous integration. The following are the basic type of testing we consider.

  • Functional testing: These are traditional testing methods used to validate compliance of the application/web with the functional requirements and business needs.
  • Compatibility testing: This kind of testing assesses the application/web using a wide variety of browsers, operating systems, device types, device sizes, variations in connection speeds, changing technologies, and multiple standards and protocols.
  • Usability testing: Usability testing ensures that the end user's experience is efficient, effective and satisfactory for user application.
  • Performance testing: This type of testing assesses memory/CPU usage, battery consumption, and load on servers under various conditions. It determines what kind of performance is expected under such loads, and tests the speed of application response under different network conditions (Wi-Fi speed, 3G connection etc.)
  • Security testing: Authentication, authorization, privilege, data protection and hacking attempts are some of the items examined in this kind of testing.
  • Operability testing: This modality tests traditional mobile usage such as calls, SMS and data via several types of network.
- See here for more detail.

Ok.. So how about project pricing? How much is your hourly rate?

We are a team that's flexible and versatile to offer truly a service well tailored for minutest details. We have three models to choose from.

    Fixed Cost

    • The scope of a fixed cost model is very well-defined.
    • Any changes in scope are estimated separately and require budget approval from the customer.
    • The project is straightforward with little or no external dependencies.
    • The customer are billed on defined milestones and this model works best for well-defined, small to mid-scale projects.

    Time and Material

    • The scope of the Time Material Model is defined tentatively, and evolves as the process moves forward.
    • The project can be complex with a lot of integrations and external dependencies.
    • The customer is billed weekly or monthly with supporting timesheets.
    • This model works well for any size of project.

    Fixed resource Model

    • Dedicated resources working from our Offshore Development Centre are assigned to the customer.
    • Project management and task management are both handled by the customer directly.
    • Here in the resources act as Virtual Employees.
    • The customer is billed a fixed price for each resource on a monthly basis.
    • The Dedicated Hiring Model is best for companies with in-house IT staff to manage and direct projects.
We work for 10$ to 30$ per hour.

Quite interesting. Where are you located? and how do we contact you?

Our developement center address is mention below. You can contact us through email. (Email Us)

Devzila Software Solutions
Ground Floor, SCO 96
Sector 5, Panchkula -134109
Haryana, India

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Please do write to us for any feedback or business queries or free consultation. We are more than happy to serve you.