API Driven Development

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With strong expertise in Application Programming Interface (API) development services we have delivered a wide range of applications to clients around the globe. We have worked with over 25 clients from USA, UK, Australia, UAE and Singapore.

What Are API's

APIs, or Application Program Interfaces, refer to software solutions for seamless interactions between multiple mission-critical applications. They also help developers interact with their apps in a more efficient manner. APIs make it easy to connect mobile apps to the cloud as well, through backend-as-a-service (BaaS).

Why API-Driven Development Model?

The most important aspect of “Why APIs?” is that it brings in the standardization of interfaces in the development process. Developers get to work on structured and standardized APIs that are bound to not change their underlying behavior, irrespective of the technology or components used underneath. APIs also take care of hiding the complexity of underlying implementation, bringing in modularity and separation of concerns, which lets independent decoupled services to be implemented and tested. Other subsidiary services (such as user management, logging, dashboards, deployment, etc.) are made available by calling these services (third-party or in-house services) through APIs. This speeds up the app development time manifold.

Devzila API Development & Service Delivery Capabilities

Writing new API endpoints and documentation.

Collaborating developed APIs to suite client requirements.

Changing and evolving custom APIs based on the needs of clients.

Maintenance and support of Existing APIs.

Development Stack

Development tools are the key to business success. At Devzila, we use industry specific tools to effectively scale your business and develop new products faster than before..

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