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Need to upgrade Rails but don't have the time?

Let the experts at Devzila upgrade your application

Devzila is a specialized Rails upgrade service. We have worked alongside teams from 1 to 100 people, upgrading applications without interrupting product development.

Whether you’re stuck on 2.3 or want to prepare for 7.1, we’ve seen it all before and know the best approaches. We’ve fixed thousands of old dependencies and evaluated countless migrations

Our years of upgrade experience means you can hand over the work to us, freeing up your developers to concentrate on shipping new features.

Devzila, over 100 apps upgraded since 2012

You’re probably in the same situation as many other companies. You keep meaning to upgrade to Rails 7.0, but new features take priority and the project always gets pushed back.

That’s why we created Devzila. Our core service is upgrading applications like yours onto a secure, supported version of Rails.

We can integrate with your team and adapt to your environment, updating your application without distracting you from your product timeline.

So, why us?

We have upgraded over 100 applications ranging from MVPs to 500,000 line monoliths, worked with every version from 2.3 to 7.0 and coordinated with companies ranging from small startups to Fortune 500s.

As upgrade specialists we are constantly refining our workflows, keeping up with the latest Rails developments, and sharing our recipes.

We also maintain a range of open-source tools to help people DIYing their upgrades, such as next_rails, bundler-leak and skunk.

When working with us you will get:

  • A new branch where the updates are made and rebased as much as necessary to avoid interruptions.
  • Advice for your developers about future API changes and the possibility of performance optimizations.
  • Contributions to any of your open source dependencies that aren’t compatible with your required version of Rails.
  • Help to assess and choose migration options, such as ActiveStorage vs. Shrine.

Assessing the work required

A Rails upgrade can take anywhere from a few days to over a year. It depends on whether your codebase requires work such as:

  • Fixing hundreds of Deprecation Warnings.
  • Replacing many incompatible dependencies.
  • Migrating to Webpacker

So it’s hard to assess what’s required in terms of allocated dev time or the budget for outsourcing.

Finally get your upgrade sorted

Whether you’re a few versions behind, need help prepping for 7.1 or would like an audit, we can have a call to talk through your situation.

Don't wait to bring your Rails application up to date.

We will get on a quick call and recommend a couple of options to start upgrading your Rails app.

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